So often we hear from clients, “We just did a project like that. I wish we had thought of you then,” or “We didn’t know you did that.” To help you insure you get the best answers as often as possible, we’ve put together this “when to call SWOT” list. It’s compiled from our clients’ own experience and can help you insure we’re there when you need us most, and when we can do the most good for your product, brand or company. You might want to print it out, or contact us for a handy, durable, laminated version suitable for hanging by the phone. You never know when it will come in handy.

whenever you hear:

“We need a better handle on who our target is.”

“We really need to rethink the product’s positioning.”

“Why is the target buying that instead of ours?”

“We have got to nail that new product launch.”

“Why is the competition eating our lunch…and how do we stop it?”

“We really need a moreeffective DTC message.”

“What is really influencing the target’s decision?”

“Who knows why the targetbehave sthe way they do?”

“We just can’t get a concept that breaks the bank.”

“We could use 5 great new ideas to jumpstart some new marketing initiatives.”

whenever you need to:

...generate compelling new product concepts

...introduce successful new products

...position mature brands for new growth competitive challenges

...achieve higher concept scores

...gain a more insightful handle on the marketplace

...take advantage of new marketing arenas

...create insightful, effective brand plans

...mine data for true marketing value

for more information contact:
Peggy Masterson, President, CEO
Alan Goltz, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Barbara Strautman, EVP, COO