Ask a hundred marketers what marketing is and you’ll get about a hundred and forty five answers...and they’re all right. There are, of course, textbook definitions but what makes marketing as much an art as a science is the personal interpretation of how the discpline should be pursued.

At the Masterson/SWOT Team we believe that marketing is the art of creating change...after all, if everything was perfect the way it was there would be no reason to spend money on marketing. So every Masterson/SWOT Team project starts by defining exactly the change we want to achieve, not always as obvious as it sounds. Then the project is designed around a dynamic process of intense investigation into the target’s perceptions and beliefs, inductive analysis and, finally, synthesis of a range of solutions that will each, in ther own way, generate the desired change. Here’s an illustration of the general structure of our process.

Inherent in this process are several hints at The Masterson/SWOT Team’s fundamental marketing philosophy. That success comes from seeing the world of the TARGET’S REALITY, not the desires of the marketer. That success comes from understanding the hidden “WHY” Behind the “WHAT” everyone sees in the quantitative data. That the most effective potential answers come from an INDUCTIVE APPROACH of building solutions from the fundamental truths of the marketplace and target. And that there are a range of potential solutions that can drive significant change in the marketplace, not just one ideal answer.

All of the answer generating products, processes and solutions we talk about here are designed to apply this fundamental marketing philosophy. As you can see, it has been successfully applied to marketing needs throughout a brand’s lifecyle, from new product development, to product positioning, to communications and to expansion of the brand footprint and portfolio. Where is your brand today, and how can The Masterson/SWOT Team help you generate the change the brand deserves?

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