If you’ve gotten this far we are guessing that something you’ve seen here has triggered a thought or piqued your curiosity. Good. It worked. But while you might be inclined to buy a DVD or small appliance over the web, we know shopping for marketing tools is a bit more complex. You need to know more...and so do we. Since every Masterson/SWOT Team project is customized to the needs of the client, no two projects are ever exactly the same. So the more we know about the kind of issues you are facing, the more relevant and specific we can be in discussing how we might approach your needs.

You can use the links below to drop us an e-mail or you can give us a call. If you give us an issue to address and 45 minutes of your time we can show you how The Masterson/SWOT Team can be the tool that helps you find the answer to that tough issue you are facing or how to take advantage of the opportunities available to your brand. If you’re still not sure, remember what some of our clients said. We’d love to add your quote to the list.

for more information contact:
Peggy Masterson, President, CEO

Alan Goltz, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Barbara Strautman, EVP, COO