Target Definement™ is The Masterson/SWOT Team’s methodology for developing a robust, actionable target profile to drive a wide variety of marketing initiatives including brand positioning, marketing programs and communications development. The word “target” as defined by The Masterso/SWOT Team has a much broader meaning than its traditional usage. To us the target is anyone whose perception or behavior the marketer wishes to influence.

Of course, the “target” could be the traditional core target for the product or brand. But more and more often, brands are focusing on segments within targets, secondary targets, specific targets for promotional efforts or competitive targets. And yet, in many cases, those important targets are not examined with the intensity or understood in the depth required to reach them effectively. Both internal and external targets abound beyond brand marketing as well. Corporations target their own employees for improved productivity or the rollout of a new global initiative, for example. Industry and government opinion leaders may be targeted as well and usually require a totally different understanding to drive changes in their perceptions and behavior.

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