Purchaser Process™ is The Masterson/SWOT Team’s proprietary methodology for mapping and analyzing target behavior. Analysis and experience in a wide variety of categories has uncovered a general pattern of behavior that reflects and governs the target’s decision making process. This model has proven accurate and effective in a diverse range of categories and situations. It is equally effective in investigating short and long decision cycles, rational and emotional decisions, purchase, loyalty and switching behavior.

A typical application of the Behavioral Decision Map created in Purchaser Process™ is to identify where in the process the target’s perceptions and behaviors are vulnerable to change and what activities and messages can affect that change. This learning directs further work in specific positioning, communications and promotional development.

The actual process combines projective investigative techniques, used in target interviews to gain critical learning and insight, with inductive analytical methods that generate concise direction and recommendations for further strategic and tactical development. For a pictiure of the prototypical Behavioral Decision Map, click here.

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