Purchaser Positioning™ is the Masterson/SWOT Team’s proprietary target investigation and analysis methodology for the development of brand and product positionings. The methodology combines highly projective investigative techniques and inductive analytical methods to identify potential positioning directions.

Recognizing that the most effective and enduring brand positionings are those that enable the brand to create a powerful relationship with the target, Purchaser Positioning™ employs a variety of projective “lab” techniques in a one-on-one setting to get beyond the obvious. By uncovering deep-seated beliefs, perceptions, desires and behaviors, Purchaser Positioning™ delivers the kind of strategic insights that lead to an unusually broad range of compelling alternative strategic directions.

We require the positioning concepts generated by Purchaser Positioning™ to meet the criteria we have identified as the drivers of powerful, successful marketing and communications strategies...that a winning positioning must be Compelling, Differentiating, Ownable and Sustainable. Concepts developed against these criteria have proven their ability to drive marketing and communications programs that have the power to change target perceptions and behavior...changes that establish and grow successful brands.

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Peggy Masterson, President, CEO

Alan Goltz, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Barbara Strautman, EVP, COO