Purchaser Insight™ is a general research and analytical tool for uncovering deep, actionable insight into the target.
It can be used remedially to address a specific issue facing the brand or proactively to uncover new insights to drive business building initiatives.

Through a series of highly revealing projective exercises this process delves into the target’s perceptions, beliefs, demands and desires. These are precisely the factors that drive their real world behavior. Whether you are marketing a product or service, consumer or business to business, or even working to influence the behavior of your own employees, understanding these factors will point the way to a successful solution.

In product marketing, for example, they influence the target’s purchase decisons, evaluative critera and brand loyalty. In marketing a service they will influence the target’s choice of supplier, define their “value equation” and determine the opportunity for expanding the range of contract services.

Whether you need to uncover specific insights to address a specific issue or are ready to open an initiative to drive the next level of brand growth, Purchaser Insight™ is the place to start.

for more information contact:
Peggy Masterson, President, CEO

Alan Goltz, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Barbara Strautman, EVP, COO