Think of DeepFocus™ as traditional focus groups taken to a deeper level. DeepFocus™ is a division of the Masterson Group whose focus group methodology is specifically designed to judge the effectiveness of existing materials such as concepts, products or creative ideas…but with a deeper understanding of the “facts” you need as you move forward.

The DeepFocus™ approach is driven by one critical piece of learning we have gathered from 25+ years of target interviewing…getting greater depth from fewer respondents who are articulate and engaged is more valuable learning than the superficial response of greater numbers of respondents.  

DeepFocus™ recognizes that too often some respondents in traditional focus groups contribute little or nothing to the research…the DeepFocus™ difference: groups are limited to a maximum of 5 respondents, recruited using a robust screener proven - with the benefit of years of target behavorial and attitudinal studies - to determine those respondents who will actively participate and weed out those who will not.

DeepFocus™ recognizes that in ordinary focus groups the format and questionnaire structure provides little or no opportunity for probing. The DeepFocus™ difference:  with a focus on depth of learning, the DeepFocus™ process  is designed to allow the moderator to probe and provide the target with the chance to offer feedback, giving you the more fleshed out “facts” needed for evaluation, refinement and improvements.

DeepFocus™ recognizes that moderators unfamiliar with the category are often “learning on the Client’s dime” and don’t have the knowledge to intuit when and what to probe without “backroom guidance”. Most moderators don’t want notes until near the end of the session and by then the valuable “probe moment” can be lost. The DeepFocus™ difference: sessions are always led by a moderator who has been a  Masterson Group project manager and has strategic experience in the category under discussion.

With topline results delivered in 72 hours and a full report within two weeks, DeepFocus™ quickly and effectively delivers the deep, actionable target learning you need to optimize all of your marketing efforts.

for more information contact:
Peggy Masterson, President, CEO
Alan Goltz, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer
Barbara Strautman, EVP, COO