DecisionMaker™ is a tool developed by The Masterson/SWOT Team to help marketers address the kinds of "go/no-go" decisions that often come at critical moments in a brand or product's lifecyle. These moments can occur long before a product ever sees the marketplace ("Does it pay to invest in the development of this idea?") to late in a brand's life ("Is there still unrealized potential in this product that warrants continued marketing investment or do we just milk it?") and many points in between.

All of these decisions can benefit from applying an inductive, rather than deductive, approach to analyzing the situation. Inductive analysis focuses on understanding the broad dynamics of the issue, think of it as "the realm of the possible," which can uncover unexpected opportunites in addition to the traditional alternatives. By broadening the scope of considerations the decison to "go or not go" will be better informed and could result in opening new opportunites that might have been overlooked in a more traditional decision approach.

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