The Masterson/SWOT Team has been in the “insights and answers” business for over twenty five years now (and some of us a lot longer than that.) During that time we have generated enough insights and answers to see some patterns emerge. What has become abundantly clear is that the most fertile source for good strategic thinking is an understanding of why the target behaves the way they do. We call it “the why behind the what.” Yet so much of the data and information we have available to drive marketing strategy is “what” information. Large sample, statistically significant direct answers to direct questions that can be quantified and numerically analyzed. Problem is, the amassing and homogenizing of the information masks the small “truths” and does not probe the guarded, personal beliefs and feelings that actually drive perception and behavior.

So we have developed both investigative and analytical tools and methods that focus on uncovering that elusive “why behind the what.” Our clients have found these products tends to deliver more unique solutions in less time than a traditional “hypothesis and evaluation” approach. The Masterson/SWOT Team’s “why” approach would fit perfectly into your marketing and strategic development flow.

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