“What man wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.” We didn’t say that...Demosthenes, the Greek orator, did in the fourth century BC. Even then it was evident that human perception was far from simple to understand, predict and influence. And therein lies one of the greatest challenges to successful marketing. The fact that the target’s behavior is not driven by neat, quantifiable facts and universal truths but by their own, individual sense of reality, which is seldom the same as ours. The complex, often irrational, perceptions, beliefs and desires that can be both frustrating and fascinating.

We at The Masterson/SWOT Team have built on this premise to create the investigative and analytical tools we use to help clients find successful answers to tough marketing challenges. Our aim is to see the world not only through the lens of orderly, rational marketing theory but, perhaps more importantly, through the eyes of the target. Rather than dismiss or overlook the anomalies that don’t fit the desired scenario, we embrace them and work hard to understand why the target wants to (or has to) see the world that way. Only when we can see the client’s product and competition and marketplace and target through the target’s own eyes can we identify the leverage points and promises and messages that will break through and affect change in the target at a deep fundamental level.

So Masterson/SWOT Team solutions tend more toward harnessing the target’s natural momentum than attempting to change its perception and behavior by brute force. The result is the creation of a powerful bond between the brand and the target that will result in brand growth, withstand competitive challenge and drive both immediate and longterm success for your company, service or product.

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