The fundamental difference between The Masterson/SWOT Team’s inductive approach to generating marketing solutions and the more common deductive approach is that an inductive process answers the question “What could the answers be?” while a deductive process only answers the question “How do we achieve a particular ideal or desired result?” The practical difference is that the inductive approach delivers a broader range of potentially successful and more unique solutions. Its dynamic, emergent nature also enables you to deal with the unexpected “surprises” that can derail a more traditional approach.

The Masterson/SWOT Team’s inductive approach amasses as much fundamental data and knowledge as we can get our hands on from existing data, clients, secondary sources and, where required, intense, projective target interviews. The inductive analytical process treats this information as fundamental building blocks that can be “assembled” in many different ways to generate many different answers.

By beginning with a blank slate, delaying judgment, and allowing answers to emerge from the process the results are often highly differenting, uniquely insightful, often surprising and, based on our clients’ experience, powerfully effective in meeting even the most difficult marketing challenges.

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