What's the Challenge?

Why does this target seem to behave so irrationally?

What can we learn about the target that the competition doesn't know?

How do I define the target in terms of what is most actionable?

We've got the proven approaches for getting the answer
Marketing would be a pretty easy job if the target would only play by the rules. If they compared products based on the facts, if their expectations were fair and rational, if they didn't compare apples to oranges and, of course, if they always chose your product over the competition's. But the target doesn't play by our rules. Their perceptions and belief systems are sometimes difficult to understand at best and frustratingly irrational at worst. Getting behind the quantifiable target data and understanding the "why" of their behavior is the key to harnessing their natural momentum and driving them to a strong, productive relationship with your company, brand or service.

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