What's the Challenge?

How do I maximize the impact of my brands and product line in the marketplace?

How do I leverage and extend the differentiated equity in my brand?

Is being a "Branded House" or a "House of Brands" a better strategy for my porfolio?

We've got the proven approaches for getting the answer
A portfolio of products or brands in a category can represent a powerful advantage in the marketplace...but only if that power is unleashed thorugh insightful strategic management of the portfolio's equity. The Masterson/SWOT Team's portfolio management approach has been applied with equal success to a single brand with multiple products, a variety of brands in a single category or a complex heirarchy of both brands and products functioning on multiple levels within a category landscape.

The analytical process we employ in portfolio management can address a wide variety of brand opportunites. Maximizing the brand footprint within the category while avoiding overlap that leads to target confusion, identifying core equities that can be extended to new products and categories or structuring an overall brand architecture that can provide a pathway to years of growth, for example.

The right Masterson/SWOT Team product for the job
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