What's the Challenge?

How can I break through the messaging clutter in the category?

How can I translate that compelling insight into a winning messaging concept?

Why doesn't the execution have the impact the concepts did?

We've got the proven approaches for getting the answer
Language isn't like mathematics. Sadly, there is no formula that can find the perfect set of words to accurately and compellingly communicate your message to the target. While language is more of an art than a science, that doesn't mean you have to resort to a hit or miss process of "guess and test." We have established fundamental principles of communicating with a target that have proven to get to a highly effective message more quickly and accurately: involving the target earlier in the process as contributors to messaging development, rather than just evaluators of the finished concept or message. Understanding what interpretation or association the target makes with a statement is more important than "what they picked." Check out the products below to learn a little about how we harness these and other communications principles in developing motivating communications platforms.

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