What's the Challenge?

How can we get a more insightful handle on the marketplace?

Where and when will our marketing dollars have the greatest impact?

Why is the competition stealing our market, and how do we stop it?

We've got the proven approaches for getting the answer
Every decision the target makes is the result of a complex and fluid process that goes on in their mind. In some cases the process can take just minutes, in others weeks, months or even years. There are many overt and subtle influences on that process, both internal and external. Your marketing efforts are just one of those influences. How best to exert those influences in ways that create and reinforce positive decisions and to neutralize influences that are not in the best interest of your product or company requires broad infomation gathering and deep analysis. But once you have a clear and actionable picture of those dynamics you will be in a better position to market more effectively and efficiently.

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