Think about The Masterson/SWOT Team as a "tool" you turn to when you face a tough, elusive, specific marketing challenge.

The challenges are all around you. Target challenges, brand challenges, communications challenges. But the solutions tend to be more elusive. Traditional tools tend to give traditional answers. Our tools are anything but traditional. In fact, they tend to turn things upside down. We don’t work to a specific solution...we allow solutions to emerge. We don’t validate hypotheses...we create unexpected answers. We don’t look at the world through the eyes of a marketer...we see through the eyes of the target.

The result of this approach is, predictably, that different solutions tend to emerge. Unexpected solutions, solutions the competition probably hasn’t uncovered, solutions that give you differential leverage with the target and in the marketplace.

So as you navigate around the areas below, think about how this "tool" and the unique solutions it generates can put the power to succeed in your hands.

Click on a challenge below to see how The Masterson/SWOT Team generates differentiated, successful solutions:
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